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The New School

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What they said about us

Key strengths of the school

  • High standards of attainment, especially in English.
  • The high quality learning experiences provided by staff in both care and education.
  • The strong sense of community and the close, trusting relationships between all staff and young people.
  • Examples of teaching that are of an exceptionally high standard.
  • The leadership of the senior managers in moving the school forward in a period of change.


Some of the things  the inspectors wrote about the school….

The young people enjoy being at school and benefit from the strong, trusting relationships they have with care and teaching staff.


Staff use nurturing approaches very well to help young people to feel secure and to enable them to learn effectively.


The young people with autism respond very well to simple, clear, concrete language and well-constructed routines.


In lessons, young people are motivated, on task and collaborate well with teaching and other staff.


Young people are proud of the many awards they have gained at The New School as they do not have a record of success in their earlier main stream schools.


A significant number (of students) are making exceptional progress, and have achieved A passes at National 5 in English.


Young people have many opportunities to achieve in a wide range of areas. They have been particularly successful in developing their personal and social skills through the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. Last session, nine young people achieved the Bronze award, two achieved Silver and one achieved the Gold award. Young people achieve well in the many evening physical and sporting activities, such as football, netball, table tennis, fitness suite training, yoga and biking.


Commendably, the fitness instructor tracks young people’s progress towards agreed personal targets across a range of sport and recreation activities.


Young people’s programmes of work benefit from high levels of personalisation which match their skills and aspirations. These well thought out programmes of study lead to strong attainment outcomes.


Staff are very effective at meeting the learning needs of young people. They plan activities well and take particular account of young people’s own interests to help them to learn.


The recently appointed senior leaders in care and education are providing very effective leadership for the school. Their open and direct approach to improving the school is appreciated by staff, parents, young people and other stakeholders.


During the inspection, we identified aspects of innovative teaching practice which we would like to explore further in order to share the practice with others.


NAS statements, after observing lessons in school

This was an excellent session that was matched to the skills and understanding of the students and paced appropriately to help to maintain their interest and enthusiasm.